Create a complete "Spend - Reimburse - Entry" system for companies

Sharp insight and visionary planning



All-employee experience
Budget Control
Cost Saving


Easy and fast reimbursement experience

Easy application
Fast review and approval process
Automated Planning
Qualified Budgeting
Automated Expense Accumulation


Highly-effective on Visual Management

Compliance Management
Fast review and approval process
Expense Control
Reasonable charges
Data analysis


Efficiency | Coordination | Compliance

Automatic invoice verification
Automatic data extraction
Efficient review and approval process
Quick exchange of vouchers
Fast deposit

Simplify company control

Fulfill the diversified demands in business and management for all companies

Business structure
Financial structure

Business structure

- Support multi-company and multi-layer group business structure

- Support models created by different departments, jobs, positions and employees

- Support models created in different dimensions from different companies inside the same group

Integrate different scenarios

Different scenarios including hotels, airplanes, high-speed trains, business cars, business dinners and meeting reservations

Air ticket price estimation
Smart business travel
Receipt-free reimbursement

Air ticket price estimation

- Predict air ticket prices to find the best time for purchase

- Save an average of 10% in air ticket cost

Multi-dimensional compliance management of expense

Different scenarios including hotels, airplanes, high-speed trains, business cars, business dinners and meeting reservations

Cost and compliance
Budget control
Flexible control

Cost and compliance

- Flexible expense and budget control rules to fulfill customized demands of different companies

- Automatic compliance check and alert from the system to improve compliance rate for companies by 56$

- Support model created in different management dimensions for multi-level companies in the same group

Workflow Control

Understand the reason and composition of expenses from different angles. Create an integrated automatic platform for business and finance

Review and approval flow
AI automatic review and approval
Credit reimbursement i>

Review and approval flow

- Set your desired review point. Any field on the sheet can be selected. Or set up your own rules (exceeding applied amount, budget or standards)

- Support different types of review points: manual review and approval, system review and approval, printing and notifying

Smart receipt management

Different scenarios including hotels, airplanes, high-speed trains, business cars, business dinners and meeting reservations

AI Recognition
OCR multi-receipt recognition. QR code recognition
Electronic receipt

AI Recognition

- Automatically recognize and sort different receipts. Separate price and tax to get structured data. Verify and screen data to save 65% reviewing time for companies

Data presentation

Diverse presentation methods of large data for cross-reference and cross-analysis. Understand the real-time status of expenses and provide a visual overview for companies

Report model
Graphs and charts
Customized reports

Report model

- Different models to help companies make decisions and investigate employee reimbursements

- Provide data for management optimization to help change user habits

Product advantage

Focus on every detail to provide better servicing experience

Capability Delivery

Over 20 years experience in IT consulting industry


Solutions for different industries and scenarios

Rapid upgrade

Powerful and efficient R&D capability for weekly upgrades


Simplified or comprehensive, Any configuration can be done as cater to the company's requirements

Secured data

The only reimbursement management system in China certified by SOC

Full coverage

Over 1,000 customers and more than 300 industrial leaders with over one million active users


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